Chapter 4


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Getting the right
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Cupole is not a utopian organization, we’re not a perfect fit for everyone!

But if your ambitions are high, you like solving business problems as well as taking an interest in the people you work with, we will provide you with a great platform for you to build your career and develop yourself from.

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Quiz time!

Get to know what we have in common and where we differ. If or when we later get to meet each other, it’s fun to start the conversation about our similarities and differences.

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Cupole's answer

Do our great minds think alike?
Drag to place the dot where you feel most like “this is me”.

Brain Heart
I focus on facts. I focus on compassion.
Formal Informal
I'm your colleague. I'm your friend.
Reliable Challenging
I want to know I can trust you. I want you to surprise me.

Your answer

Cupole's answer

Do our great minds think alike?
Drag to place the dot where you feel most like “this is me”.

Mature Youthful
I've got experience. I've got energy.
Academic Street smart
I know the talk I walk the walk

What do you think?

Are we a perfect, interesting or fun match? Get in touch if you find us intriguing!

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How to start your
at Cupole

Starting your career is both exciting and a bit scary. We want to take away that scary part and let our new colleagues get the best possible start. Guaranteed good vibes only. Get in touch if you want to know more about how to join us when you’ve already worked a while!

Cupole Academy

Cupole Academy is the first step to a management consulting career at Cupole that you're applicable for after you've graduated. As you're working on client projects in a team, you're also enrolled in an educational program that will give you all the tips and tricks needed in a management consultant's arsenal.


Still in school? Our internship is a part-time program with a flexible setup to optimize your studies with our selection of projects. Together we’ll set a fitting schedule, making it easy for you to find balance in studies and work. As an intern at Cupole, you take on the role of a consultant – including problem-solving, analyzing business development and more. Experience from day one.


We believe that the best way of developing skills is through practical learning, especially when it comes to case solving. Join Launch to get real consulting experience and to get to know Cupole better. A great platform to develop consulting skills, business sense and problem-solving abilities.

Experience Professionals

We are looking for you who are, or have been, a management consultant for at least 5 years. As an individual you are used to manage, and prefer working, in teams. Being able to explain complex concepts in a simple way, have a way with numbers and analyze your way to great solutions is fundamental. You also have a strategic mindset and can make fast decisions.

Thanks for taking the time and getting to know us. We are super curious about you now, get in touch!

Join life at Cupole

Recruitment process

To us, hiring takes sturdiness rather
than intuition.

It’s as simple as being really thorough – combining scientific theory and (here it comes again) data collection to guide the decision making. But that doesn’t mean that the interaction should be technocratic. We give every candidate a professional and engaging experience when interacting with us. Our process is pretty rigorous and consists of the below components (but not necessarily in that order).

1. Meet and greet

Let’s meet over a coffee or a lunch, no strings attached so that we can tell you about what our ambitions are and how well turn them into achievements. Interested? Send a note to and we’ll get back to you!

2. Your application

We’re expecting your CV, and your grades. We have scrapped the cover letter to let your experiences speak for themselves.

3. Psychometric test

The results of the tests will give us a better understanding of you as a candidate that we can measure against our required capabilities for a junior consultant and intern. The tests provide an indication of your personality and problem-solving capability respectively – two areas we at Cupole know are important in the work as a management consultant.  

4. Interviews

Can’t hire someone without pulling an old interview. However, you can influence how you interview someone. Our interviews might seem a little bit different from most others out there. We are less interested in what you’ve done and will rather drill down in how you’ve done it. Asking you for numerous examples to better describe your work experience.

5. Assessment Day

A full day where you’ll be challenged with case solving in different forms; both individually and in a group setting. The cases can be described as snippets of what it’s like to work at Cupole.

6. Final Interview

To be sure we’ve assessed you professionally and thoroughly, we’re putting you in a final interview setting with a partner you haven’t met yet. Just to be sure!

7. Feedback

All candidates are entitled to feedback during or after a process – you invest a lot of time in a process with us, and we feel it’s not more than right that you’ll get something back.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a person who prefers a handshake,
a hug or a fist-bump when you meet someone new.
We are always keen on connecting with new people.
Let’s have lunch sometime?

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