Chapter 3

People & Culture
at Cupole

“Culture is a concept most people would probably describe as equally important as it is vague. Because although culture undoubtedly defines the atmosphere at a workplace, it is extremely hard to define what that really is, or what it consists of.”

What do you think makes a great company culture?

Cupoleans are
the key

The secret ingredient in building a strong culture that supports performance and learning whilst having fun has nothing to do with cool buzzwords or having core values and code of conducts published on an intranet (at least not for us).

We need to know from our People what they need and want in order to thrive. You’ve probably heard ‘our people are what make our company so great’ before and other similar clichés – and here we’re no different. We believe that our People is what make Cupole’s culture so great, which is why we try to give back to them as compassionately as we can to keep it
that way.

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People & Culture at Cupole

Cupole Elements

Fun and socializing outside of work.

Elements is one of our internal initiatives that acts as social glue outside of our normal office hours. It’s our ‘leisure club’, a key facility that allows Cupoleans to have a good time together away from our usual work duties. It’s a way to get to know each other better, in order to strengthen the team and have fun whilst doing it. Cupoleans have the option of pitching an idea for their own Element, or simply sign up to join existing ones. Would you choose going to a stand-up event with ‘Culture Club, oyster tasting with ‘Food & Wine’ or playing video games with ‘Gaming Renegades’?

Cultural Club

Food & Wine

Racket Club

Equestrian Element

Extreme Element

Running & Climbing

Golf Element

Cycling Element

What activities would you want to do with your colleagues, to get to know them better outside working hours?

“At Cupole, you’re free to recharge in any way that fits you best. Whether it’s traveling, socializing or sleeping – you have eight weeks each year to do whatever you please.”

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People & Culture at Cupole

Flexibility program

Working in the consulting industry can be demanding when it comes to delivering a service, the ability to solve complex problems and a high level of availability.

This makes the profession exciting, but sometimes these expectations can take their toll, making it difficult to unwind. What makes one employee relax doesn’t always work for the next, which is why we created our Flexibility program. To give everyone the chance to create their optimal
life situation.

Free time

We want our employees to have free time without being financially burdened. That's why we not only offer 30 days of vacation yearly, which is pretty standard in our industry, but also what we call a 'Balance Boost'; two extra weeks paid leave. This gives a Cupolean eight weeks each year to recharge, take a trip or do whatever else that they feel like.

Time out

Everyone at Cupole is entitled to some time off, for whatever reason. We believe that everyone should have the right to a break, whether it’s for inspiration, fresh knowledge or anything else.

Family time

We understand that family is important. Therefore, we offer our employees parental compensation of 80% of their salary for up to 180 parental days.

Part time

At Cupole, you can reduce your working hours to e.g. 4 days a week or shorter working days. It’s up to you how you want to spend your time with us, so it fits you and your lifestyle.

Remote time

We think flexibility is important and therefore offer our employees the freedom to work remotely if they need to or want to.
Our Flexibility program offers our employees a variety of options to adapt their work life to fit their personal life.

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People & Culture at Cupole

Feel well, perform well

Balanced time management alone won’t do the trick, that’s why we also make sure to encourage and enable a healthy lifestyle at Cupole.

We know that if our colleagues feel on top, they will perform on top. That’s why exhilarating workouts, calming massages and a fridge full of great food is part of our everyday life. Start the day by attending a sweaty spinning class or push through tough core exercises at lunch, or simply by having a great meal with your brilliant colleagues – it’s up to you!


One of our corner stones in our culture is that life is short, and you should enjoy it whilst it lasts. We do yoga, riding, volleyball, pinball, and much more just to enjoy ourselves. Also, we’re a team of dedicated ski enthusiasts which brings us to the mountains as often as we can.

When you feel well, you perform well. Easy as that.

“You will not regret that you applied to Cupole Academy, but you might regret it if you don’t

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