Chapter 2

Career & Development
at Cupole

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Career & development at Cupole

Building a Cupolean

Now that you’ve read a bit about Cupole and what Cupoleans do in a work context, we’d like to explain the prerequisites for this to be possible.

The bottom line is that every career decision at Cupole is based on data and facts. We believe that data, science and a dash of pragmatism are great ways to improve everyday life at all workplaces – especially when it comes to taking career decisions and developing our People.

More than that, we believe in transparency of information as a way to reach a high level of individual responsibility in order to maximize Cupoleans’ and Cupole’s growth. So, how do we build and develop you into a great consultant, advisor and Cupolean?

Career & development at Cupole

Titles & career ladder

We guess it’s modern to say that hierarchical career models belong in the 20th century.

Call us old fashioned but we believe in having a defined career ladder, with clear expectations on each role. This doesn’t mean that we don’t problem solve, discuss and socialize across seniority. We share business performance with all consultants every Friday and involve them in internal projects to make Cupole as great a company as it can be.


We believe that clear and transparent expectations on what good looks like and honest and straight feedback are great ways to grow as people, leaders and consultants. But in the end, the speed of your learning curve and your career development comes down to your ambition. You as Cupolean are in charge – set the goal and we’ll help you get there.

Career ladder

The Consulting lifecycle

As we said, we have a pretty straight forward career ladder where you consistently gain experience and with that more areas of responsibility. The consulting lifecycle can generally be broken down into three different stages; Junior Consultant, Project manager and Seniority.

Career ladder

First stage -
Junior Consultant

When you start your career with us, you’re responsible for collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data, turning them into insights and informative slides.

Career ladder

Second stage -
Project Manager

When you have some years of experience, you’re also responsible of managing projects; establishing project timelines, making sure all parts of the project are delivered, looking out for your team members and delegating tasks to help them grow as well as managing clients.

Career ladder

Final stage -
Senior Manager

The last stage of your career at Cupole also includes generating new business; proposing solutions to client problems and putting a team together to make sure their ambitions are turned into achievements.

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Give it to me straight

Do you know how
much your colleagues earn?

At Cupole we all do, since our compensation model is 100% transparent. Everyone on the same level earns the exact same amount. No matter their ethnicity, gender identity or negotiation skills.

It’s really not as crazy as it might sound, it’s just that having fixed salary levels for each position makes more sense to us.


With great compensation and a transparent model, we want to put paychecks off everyone’s minds and let them focus on learning and developing – because that’s where the largest payoff comes from.

You’re as unique as a snowflake, but not when it comes to benefits.

Career life at Cupole

Training, development
& growth

For your improvement

We aim to create successful teams and outstanding individuals, and we do so by providing our employees with the right kind of tools – especially designed by and for Cupoleans. These range from skills extending your consultancy toolbox to feedback and leadership.

The sky is the limit

We also believe that curiosity and eagerness to learn is super important for growth and development. That’s why we give Cupoleans one hour every week to learn more about anything of your choosing. No strings attached.

‘Feedback Friday’

Feedback is something we particularly rely on at Cupole – and it must be transparent and crystal-clear. That’s why every Friday (at least) we remind our teams to give detailed feedback to each other - top-down and bottom-up; the full 360. Apart from that, each month we let each Cupolean evaluate their team members on their performance (bottom-up and top-down; 360 here as well) to ensure that we have solid
data to base career decisions on (like we said, we love data).

“A healthy mix of solving intriguing problems, hard work and having fun

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