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Life at

Life at Cupole

Our business cards say Management Consultants. But mostly we think of ourselves as a collective of creative thinkers with supreme business minds.

We see Cupole as a platform to fuel all kinds of growth! For you as business person, as a leader and as a consultant – we exist to realize your ambitions, turning them into achievements. We are a collective of hard working savvy individuals who leverage our total capability through solving problems in collaboration rather than as individuals. But growth, performance and business aside, we believe that you don’t have to be businesslike to mean serious business. We believe in great minds, and big hearts.

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Life at Cupole

What we do

Our clients turn to us with their most difficult business-related problems and challenges.

Our first step is always to dive right into their business, get to know every inch of it and assess what needs to be done in order to make their business perform on top. We’re fascinated by facts and figures, evidence and analytics and use it as a foundation when turning difficult challenges into bright solutions – ambitions into achievements. Projects into bottom line results.


We deliver services like commercial due diligences, market strategies and R&D efficiency, to mention a few. If we condensate it to a minimum you could say that we deliver services clustered into three themes; M&A, Strategy and Business Improvement.


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Private Equity

Industrial Equipment


Travel & Transportation

Technology & Innovation

Retail & Consumer Goods

We work on projects in business improvement, M&A and a variety of strategic initiatives – anything our clients need really. Turning ambitions into achievements.

Our beliefs

Great minds.
Big hearts.

We value our differences and honor what ties us together: our skills and compassion. Let’s not romanticize the misunderstood genius. Be a lovable genius instead.

Our beliefs

Facts of today.
Faith in tomorrow.

We have enormous respect for facts and figures, evidence and analytics. These things act like a solid foundation, a firm ground below our feet. Allowing us to leap faster and further towards new opportunities.

Our beliefs

Savvy indivudals.
Expert network.

We’re jack of all trades with a network of masters and experts. It’s a powerful combination. Enabling us to maintain a holistic responsibility while working across disciplines, pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Our beliefs

Bold moves.
Humble steps.

We always have the confidence to think big, beyond the borders of comfort. We constantly go beyond the expected in everything we do, the responsibilities we take and the company we build. Daring to take a leap, humble to the challenge

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Facts & Figures



But we're aiming for more

Average project time

weeks 4,5

Gender balance



Average team size


full time employees (FTE)

One of our initiatives


Celebrating companies that grow in symbiosis. When it’s no longer about the balance between growth and responsibility but instead the two factors adding on each other. Truly successful companies achieves growth thanks to performance within the three key responsibility factors of people, profit and planet. Long-term solutions that make the world a better place. This is what we call symbiosis.

One of our initiatives

Symbiosis Event 2022

They are 1 million at the beginning of the process. After a process – with extensive analysis and intense discussions – three winners were selected. The winners were revealed during the Symbiosis Event.

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International projects

Most of our clients are based in Scandinavia either through the location of their operations or their headquarters, but many of them have a global footprint. We go where the projects lead us.

So far, our projects have lead us to big parts of Europe, America, and Asia (highlighted parts).

Consulting often requires traveling.

“ Everyone at Cupole shows intellectual intelligence – but even more that they care about each other and the workplace. ”

Meet Cupolean Lukas

Chapter 2

Career & Development
at Cupole

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Career & development at Cupole

Building a Cupolean

Now that you’ve read a bit about Cupole and what Cupoleans do in a work context, we’d like to explain the prerequisites for this to be possible.

The bottom line is that every career decision at Cupole is based on data and facts. We believe that data, science and a dash of pragmatism are great ways to improve everyday life at all workplaces – especially when it comes to taking career decisions and developing our People.

More than that, we believe in transparency of information as a way to reach a high level of individual responsibility in order to maximize Cupoleans’ and Cupole’s growth. So, how do we build and develop you into a great consultant, advisor and Cupolean?

Career & development at Cupole

Titles & career ladder

We guess it’s modern to say that hierarchical career models belong in the 20th century.

Call us old fashioned but we believe in having a defined career ladder, with clear expectations on each role. This doesn’t mean that we don’t problem solve, discuss and socialize across seniority. We share business performance with all consultants every Friday and involve them in internal projects to make Cupole as great a company as it can be.


We believe that clear and transparent expectations on what good looks like and honest and straight feedback are great ways to grow as people, leaders and consultants. But in the end, the speed of your learning curve and your career development comes down to your ambition. You as Cupolean are in charge – set the goal and we’ll help you get there.

Career ladder

The Consulting lifecycle

As we said, we have a pretty straight forward career ladder where you consistently gain experience and with that more areas of responsibility. The consulting lifecycle can generally be broken down into three different stages; Junior Consultant, Project manager and Seniority.

Career ladder

First stage -
Junior Consultant

When you start your career with us, you’re responsible for collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data, turning them into insights and informative slides.

Career ladder

Second stage -
Project Manager

When you have some years of experience, you’re also responsible of managing projects; establishing project timelines, making sure all parts of the project are delivered, looking out for your team members and delegating tasks to help them grow as well as managing clients.

Career ladder

Final stage -
Senior Manager

The last stage of your career at Cupole also includes generating new business; proposing solutions to client problems and putting a team together to make sure their ambitions are turned into achievements.

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Do you know how
much your colleagues earn?

At Cupole we all do, since our compensation model is 100% transparent. Everyone on the same level earns the exact same amount. No matter their ethnicity, gender identity or negotiation skills.

It’s really not as crazy as it might sound, it’s just that having fixed salary levels for each position makes more sense to us.


With great compensation and a transparent model, we want to put paychecks off everyone’s minds and let them focus on learning and developing – because that’s where the largest payoff comes from.

You’re as unique as a snowflake, but not when it comes to benefits.

Career life at Cupole

Training, development
& growth

For your improvement

We aim to create successful teams and outstanding individuals, and we do so by providing our employees with the right kind of tools – especially designed by and for Cupoleans. These range from skills extending your consultancy toolbox to feedback and leadership.

The sky is the limit

We also believe that curiosity and eagerness to learn is super important for growth and development. That’s why we give Cupoleans one hour every week to learn more about anything of your choosing. No strings attached.

‘Feedback Friday’

Feedback is something we particularly rely on at Cupole – and it must be transparent and crystal-clear. That’s why every Friday (at least) we remind our teams to give detailed feedback to each other - top-down and bottom-up; the full 360. Apart from that, each month we let each Cupolean evaluate their team members on their performance (bottom-up and top-down; 360 here as well) to ensure that we have solid
data to base career decisions on (like we said, we love data).

“A healthy mix of solving intriguing problems, hard work and having fun

Meet our Cupolean Oscar!

Chapter 3

People & Culture
at Cupole

“Culture is a concept most people would probably describe as equally important as it is vague. Because although culture undoubtedly defines the atmosphere at a workplace, it is extremely hard to define what that really is, or what it consists of.”

What do you think makes a great company culture?

Cupoleans are
the key

The secret ingredient in building a strong culture that supports performance and learning whilst having fun has nothing to do with cool buzzwords or having core values and code of conducts published on an intranet (at least not for us).

We need to know from our People what they need and want in order to thrive. You’ve probably heard ‘our people are what make our company so great’ before and other similar clichés – and here we’re no different. We believe that our People is what make Cupole’s culture so great, which is why we try to give back to them as compassionately as we can to keep it
that way.

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People & Culture at Cupole

Cupole Elements

Fun and socializing outside of work.

Elements is one of our internal initiatives that acts as social glue outside of our normal office hours. It’s our ‘leisure club’, a key facility that allows Cupoleans to have a good time together away from our usual work duties. It’s a way to get to know each other better, in order to strengthen the team and have fun whilst doing it. Cupoleans have the option of pitching an idea for their own Element, or simply sign up to join existing ones. Would you choose going to a stand-up event with ‘Culture Club, oyster tasting with ‘Food & Wine’ or playing video games with ‘Gaming Renegades’?

Cultural Club

Food & Wine

Racket Club

Equestrian Element

Extreme Element

Running & Climbing

Golf Element

Cycling Element

What activities would you want to do with your colleagues, to get to know them better outside working hours?

“At Cupole, you’re free to recharge in any way that fits you best. Whether it’s traveling, socializing or sleeping – you have eight weeks each year to do whatever you please.”

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People & Culture at Cupole

Flexibility program

Working in the consulting industry can be demanding when it comes to delivering a service, the ability to solve complex problems and a high level of availability.

This makes the profession exciting, but sometimes these expectations can take their toll, making it difficult to unwind. What makes one employee relax doesn’t always work for the next, which is why we created our Flexibility program. To give everyone the chance to create their optimal
life situation.

Free time

We want our employees to have free time without being financially burdened. That's why we not only offer 30 days of vacation yearly, which is pretty standard in our industry, but also what we call a 'Balance Boost'; two extra weeks paid leave. This gives a Cupolean eight weeks each year to recharge, take a trip or do whatever else that they feel like.

Time out

Everyone at Cupole is entitled to some time off, for whatever reason. We believe that everyone should have the right to a break, whether it’s for inspiration, fresh knowledge or anything else.

Family time

We understand that family is important. Therefore, we offer our employees parental compensation of 80% of their salary for up to 180 parental days.

Part time

At Cupole, you can reduce your working hours to e.g. 4 days a week or shorter working days. It’s up to you how you want to spend your time with us, so it fits you and your lifestyle.

Remote time

We think flexibility is important and therefore offer our employees the freedom to work remotely if they need to or want to.
Our Flexibility program offers our employees a variety of options to adapt their work life to fit their personal life.

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People & Culture at Cupole

Feel well, perform well

Balanced time management alone won’t do the trick, that’s why we also make sure to encourage and enable a healthy lifestyle at Cupole.

We know that if our colleagues feel on top, they will perform on top. That’s why exhilarating workouts, calming massages and a fridge full of great food is part of our everyday life. Start the day by attending a sweaty spinning class or push through tough core exercises at lunch, or simply by having a great meal with your brilliant colleagues – it’s up to you!


One of our corner stones in our culture is that life is short, and you should enjoy it whilst it lasts. We do yoga, riding, volleyball, pinball, and much more just to enjoy ourselves. Also, we’re a team of dedicated ski enthusiasts which brings us to the mountains as often as we can.

When you feel well, you perform well. Easy as that.

“You will not regret that you applied to Cupole Academy, but you might regret it if you don’t

Meet our Cupolean Elinor!

Chapter 4


Join life at Cupole

Getting the right
on the bus

Cupole is not a utopian organization, we’re not a perfect fit for everyone!

But if your ambitions are high, you like solving business problems as well as taking an interest in the people you work with, we will provide you with a great platform for you to build your career and develop yourself from.

Join life at Cupole

Quiz time!

Get to know what we have in common and where we differ. If or when we later get to meet each other, it’s fun to start the conversation about our similarities and differences.

Take the quiz

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Cupole's answer

Do our great minds think alike?
Drag to place the dot where you feel most like “this is me”.

Brain Heart
I focus on facts. I focus on compassion.
Formal Informal
I'm your colleague. I'm your friend.
Reliable Challenging
I want to know I can trust you. I want you to surprise me.

Your answer

Cupole's answer

Do our great minds think alike?
Drag to place the dot where you feel most like “this is me”.

Mature Youthful
I've got experience. I've got energy.
Academic Street smart
I know the talk I walk the walk

What do you think?

Are we a perfect, interesting or fun match? Get in touch if you find us intriguing!

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How to start your
at Cupole

Starting your career is both exciting and a bit scary. We want to take away that scary part and let our new colleagues get the best possible start. Guaranteed good vibes only. Get in touch if you want to know more about how to join us when you’ve already worked a while!

Cupole Academy

Cupole Academy is the first step to a management consulting career at Cupole that you're applicable for after you've graduated. As you're working on client projects in a team, you're also enrolled in an educational program that will give you all the tips and tricks needed in a management consultant's arsenal.


Still in school? Our internship is a part-time program with a flexible setup to optimize your studies with our selection of projects. Together we’ll set a fitting schedule, making it easy for you to find balance in studies and work. As an intern at Cupole, you take on the role of a consultant – including problem-solving, analyzing business development and more. Experience from day one.


We believe that the best way of developing skills is through practical learning, especially when it comes to case solving. Join Launch to get real consulting experience and to get to know Cupole better. A great platform to develop consulting skills, business sense and problem-solving abilities.

Experience Professionals

We are looking for you who are, or have been, a management consultant for at least 5 years. As an individual you are used to manage, and prefer working, in teams. Being able to explain complex concepts in a simple way, have a way with numbers and analyze your way to great solutions is fundamental. You also have a strategic mindset and can make fast decisions.

Thanks for taking the time and getting to know us. We are super curious about you now, get in touch!

Join life at Cupole

Recruitment process

To us, hiring takes sturdiness rather
than intuition.

It’s as simple as being really thorough – combining scientific theory and (here it comes again) data collection to guide the decision making. But that doesn’t mean that the interaction should be technocratic. We give every candidate a professional and engaging experience when interacting with us. Our process is pretty rigorous and consists of the below components (but not necessarily in that order).

1. Meet and greet

Let’s meet over a coffee or a lunch, no strings attached so that we can tell you about what our ambitions are and how well turn them into achievements. Interested? Send a note to and we’ll get back to you!

2. Your application

We’re expecting your CV, and your grades. We have scrapped the cover letter to let your experiences speak for themselves.

3. Psychometric test

The results of the tests will give us a better understanding of you as a candidate that we can measure against our required capabilities for a junior consultant and intern. The tests provide an indication of your personality and problem-solving capability respectively – two areas we at Cupole know are important in the work as a management consultant.  

4. Interviews

Can’t hire someone without pulling an old interview. However, you can influence how you interview someone. Our interviews might seem a little bit different from most others out there. We are less interested in what you’ve done and will rather drill down in how you’ve done it. Asking you for numerous examples to better describe your work experience.

5. Assessment Day

A full day where you’ll be challenged with case solving in different forms; both individually and in a group setting. The cases can be described as snippets of what it’s like to work at Cupole.

6. Final Interview

To be sure we’ve assessed you professionally and thoroughly, we’re putting you in a final interview setting with a partner you haven’t met yet. Just to be sure!

7. Feedback

All candidates are entitled to feedback during or after a process – you invest a lot of time in a process with us, and we feel it’s not more than right that you’ll get something back.

Join us on our journey

It doesn’t matter if you are a person who prefers a handshake,
a hug or a fist-bump when you meet someone new.
We are always keen on connecting with new people.
Let’s have lunch sometime?

Get in touch